I'm a druid's druid!


I find no comfort in the shade
Under the branch of the Great Ash.
I remember the mist
of our ancient past.
As I speak to you in the present,
My ancient eyes
see the terrible future.
“Do you not see what I see?
Do you not hear
death approaching?

I remember the words of my Grandfather Grigor telling me as a child. We would fish in the winter near the springs where the water was warm and the fish would go to feed. “That ways of man are indeed changing and none for good”, he would say. “Look at the river now, corrupted by these miners digging wounds into our ancestral home.” See how the rock bleeds into the water causing fish to leave, look at our catch! Barely 3 fish for each of us.” When I was just a boy we would have caught 5 times this much!” He muttered under his breath about the modern times and this new discovery called “gunpowder”, this stuff smells of Loki’s own ass it does, and no good will come from it! This yellow sulfur they are mining from above out home looks and smells of Giant piss. It’s unnatural I say, By Odin’s one eye I tell you no good will come from this mining they are doing up there. The gods gave us iron and magic to create our world, these new substances “men” make goes too far, as if men are trying to usurp the power of the gods. Through our greed and hubris we have cursed our home! I tell you again, My eyes see a terrible future…..”
As he cast his line back into the pool I heard a large boom and the earth shook, “Grandfather what is that, that is no thunder in winter, it sounded like it came from the ….” Grandfather looked to me and said, “Take my staff boy, and go and see what the commotion is this time, perhaps the mead house caught fire again.” As I raced up the mountain trail I could feel the earth shake, as if Thor’s own hammer was leveling the mountain side. By the time I reached the village, it was in total chaos, many of the houses were under mud, snow and debris from the mountain above. I looked up above where the miners had been exploring for more of the sulfur vein most recently discovered by the men from far away. It looked like someone had gutted the entire mountain side. Rock, mud and trees: what was left of them, were thrown from all over. The river below as dammed by the rockslide, not knowing what else to do I ran to the spot of my heimisgarðr where my family lived for four generations, now buried and gone. As I dug, I found the corpse of a goblin miner, burnt and shattered. “Why did the men use goblins to mine?. Could they themselves have known the danger of the mine? Where is everyone, I cried out!!…
I dug till dusk, still no sight of anyone. Grandfather had not come back from the pool either, strange… he should have been back by now… What could have happened to everyone? Someone must have survived besides the two if us? I realized was in need of shelter when I heard the howls of the wolves. I fashioned myself a torch and prepared to go back and look for my grandfather when a band of miners and their sell swords came up from the road. They looked grim and smelled of rot gut. I asked them to help me. They looked at me and spoke in a language I did not comprehend. They kept their distance and circled me… I then realized their plan, to eliminate our home: our family, our way of life for their greedy and ignorant ways. I attacked, as tired as I was; filled with rage and fury. They overpowered me regardless of my anger and pinned me. They took away my meager belongings and were preparing to kill me when again I head the howls of the wolves, this time so much closer…
It seemed but a mere fraction of a second, but somehow I found myself standing, the southerners were crying in fear as the wolves attacked them, hamstringing them as they tried to flee. One wolf held back and watched me. As I spoke to him he just stared… His look reminded me of the knowing gaze that Grandfather had… With that I found my belongings, my grandfathers fishing pole and his walking staff. As I left the remains of the miners behind, the wolf followed me, Loki I named him, as I was remembering my last conversation with my grandfather. As I traveled down to the next village, I realized then I must warn others of the greed of the southerners and their evil they posses.


Adoraith: The Age of Sail LeeVanalstine