Edrik Martell

There is no honor in men at war


Male fighter, 5’ 9", brown hair, hazel Eyes, tan leathery skin from years of sea travel

Edrik Martell was born the 3rd son of a stable master, at the age of 14 he and his 2 older brothers left with there father to answer the call of their lord who was off to fight a war. Along the way he made friends with a few of the other boys that were camp followers, they did the many tasks that the lordly knights and warriors would not, fetching water, grooming the horses, diggin latren pits, fire wood and the such. When the battle joined they found out that the great and “honorable” knights fell very short of that title, while many fought on the battle field many took to sneaking in to the camps and slaughtering the helpless women, children and all those they considered the “small folk” this is were he obtained the name Edrik the bold as a “brave” knight was about to slay the dangerous old camp cook, he drove a sharpened stick through a visor slit killing the “honorable” knight, and then took the felled knights mace and stood over his fathers injured body defeating many of “honorable” enemy that day. he watched sadly as his father and oldest brother returned home with his 2nd oldest brothers body, during the next few years he drifted with the war band, losing friends and making new ones, weather it was wins or loses he always seem to find himself on the march and into the next bloody fray, during this time he became to be called many names, the “Bold”, the “Brave”, the Crazied" but when it all cleared and at the end of the day he was still part of the “small folk” and all that mattered to the rich land barons and “honorable” knights was that he was there to live and die for them. 10 yrs later he slipped away one night and on to a ship were he could get lost in the waves and never have to think of their pety honor, on that night he became Edrik Martell the Broken. years later after many voyages to far off lands and many miss adventures he turns to a new road in life treasure hunting and maybe one day finding his home and family again?. But he will forever be Broken

Edrik Martell

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