Dalmar Runewinkle

Gnome Mage


Dalmar was last seen while the party was moving south to Farshore after the Sea Wyvern ran aground on the Isle of Dread. He had been taken and forced into servitude by the Drow Dominant that the party had fought previously. After finding the party again, Dalmar begged the party for their help. The only way he could be released from the Dominant’s hold, he told them, was to capture the now dreaded black pearl that lay at the heart of the Isle and surrender the artifact to the Drow. Flatly turned down by the party, Dalmar is now forced win his freedom without the assistance of the party.


Perhaps the Professor was right. Maybe I should have forgone this journey for another year. But I felt that I was ready. While there will always be new spells to learn and much knowledge to be gained at the School in Arvayheer, there is so much more that we do not know and could be brought back.

Still, now I’m on a deserted island surrounded by people who seem to lack any natural curiosity. I’m told that they are adventurers but they do not see the potential on the island itself for adventure. Knowledge is the treasure I seek more than any other, but a few gold coins and gems along the way certainly wouldn’t get in the way of my research.

I was so young when they brought me to Arvayheer that I really can’t remember much of my childhood before that day. Just images really. My mother’s tears as they took me from home. But what else were they to do? I had the gift. How can that be ignored simply because of one woman’s desire to raise her own child? It’s a harsh reality of this world.

I wonder if it would have made her feel better to know that I flourished there? That I was the top of my class? I excelled at Conjuration and, frankly, do quite well at Illusion spells as well.

And now I have grown. The College trusts me to bring back knowledge from far away places. Perhaps magic that was lost with the old Empire. Or news of the cults of Dagon. Whatever I find it will be to the benefit of the College and ultimately the Arvayheer Empire. The name Dalmar Runewinkle will one day be known throughout the world. Perhaps then my mother will know that her tears were not in vain.

Dalmar Runewinkle

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